Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fragmented Thoughts

Jan 12th 2009 -
I am mesmerised by my own stories, Whats yours?

(sometimes the things that i come up with in my head and the stories that i create out of nothing make me wonder what experiences led me to think this way and create a story like this)
Jan 13th 2009 -
My battlefield has changed from my environment to my head & my ammunition from guns to guts... keep fighting

(I used to think that every thing around me needs to change for me to be happy and i was batteling to change it by being harsh, manipulative, soft, sweet, true, lie and any other ammo that i had acquired during my lifetime and then i realised that the only way things could change is when i stopped changing my environment and changed my perspective)
Jan 14th 2009 -
Happiness doesnt come from within, it comes from within of others...

(Today morning i thought i was happy cas i was happy from within, and then suddenly my happiness vanished due to the unhappiness of others and then i was happy again wen the happiness in others was restored)
Jan 15th 2009 -
Positivity lasts for a while but peace is forever, get your peace of mind...

(I just realised that all my positivity would last only till a certain point and then i would go back to bein my old normal self untill i was peaceful after solving my problems. I guess its better to go thru storms and hear the calm rather than hear the calm before the storm)